Practice Assessment

To know how you stack up to the challenges of both today and tomorrow, doesn’t it make sense to have an expert assessment of your practice to see where you stand on some of the most critical issues?

For example, how would you answer the following questions about your practice?

  • How many days does it take to make a collection?
  • What percentage of contracted amounts do you collect?
  • What percentage of revenue do you write off to bad debt?
  • What is your average revenue per visit?
  • What is your profitability percentage?
  • How do you compare with your peers?

These are just a few of the questions we will answer during an assessment of your practice. With over a decade of consulting with a wide variety of healthcare practices in the Southeast, we have virtually unlimited experience to draw on.

As an Allscripts™ Certified Alliance Network Partner, we know how to set up Allscripts™ PM to help address these issues and more. This is just one more example of how we differ from traditional billing companies. We’ll get to know your practice from the inside out so we can recommend the best course of action for your practice in this new age of increased regulations and decreased revenue.

Areas in your practice we can assess and improve

We can look at all aspects of your business with an eye toward finding inefficiencies and ways to improve. Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Operational improvement
  • Practice start up
  • Allscripts™ Pro PM
    • Database build
    • Database optimization
    • Training
    • EHR PM billing interface setup, optimization and training
    • Electronic remittance setup and optimization
    • 5010 compliance
  • Configuring Office Manager Class Management System
    • Allscripts reporting
  • Implementing quality initiatives like PQRS and other programs
  • Automation enhancement
  • Medical practice management
  • Accounting and Internal Controls
    • Set up accounting flow
    • Accounting system database build
    • Balancing Allscripts™ Pro PM and accounting system

The healthcare environment can be a scary place if you are not prepared. No matter how good a physician you are, you need to be certain that your business is set up to meet the coming challenges. Let us assess your practice and recommend how you can best achieve your goals.